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Profiled audiences for your reach

Our audience is profiled by more than 125 carefully crafted screening questions


Profiling Questions


Profiled Users
Before Polenio – Just a siluette; Woman, C1, Samsun

During the times of traditional research methods before mobile era people used pen and pencil survey methodology.  You never actually knew the respondent, you could only reach respondent once and it would take months to complete a research

This is a 24 year old girl, C1 who lives in Samsun from early 2010s

After Polenio – Real People – Meet Selin!

At Polenio we profile our audience with 280+ questions in 18 categories. That is how you reach Selin. 

Unlike traditional surveys, Selin is a real person profiled by Polenio Mobile App, from whom you can directly recieve responses. The answer flow is automatically checked. Actually you can reach Selin after she has responded to your previous surveys. How about that?




University Students


Female graduates


People in full time employement


Working Moms


People who follow a Netflix series

Create your surveys

Easily create your surveys using our Survey Builder

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Find participants you need using 150+ demographic screeners

Collect & Monitor responses

Publish your study instantly and maintain quality control throughout

Behavioral Research

Deeply understand how people feel, think and behave. Use Polenio’s prescreening system to quickly find niche or nationally representative samples at the click of a button

User Research

Learn why and how users use your product or app, and how you could improve it. Polenio can help you interact several times with the right audience so you can make informed decisions, and run longitudinal studies the way you like

Market Research

Get on-demand insight into the needs and wants of customers and market trends.  Choose your target audience from our wide selection of Gender, Age, SES, Location and wide array of Persona screeners. Use Polenio’s self-service platform to get insights in hours.  Receive photos and videos from respondents to get in their moments. Polenio will use automatic quality checks to ensure you get deep and acurate insights

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