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Create your Idea Base, manage your communities and collect constant feedback

Markets are constantly evolving and changing with the direction of new trends, innovation and rapidly developing news.

For brands in such a market, keeping the pulse of the consumer is becoming an increasingly difficult process.

However, consumer feedback and comments for brands are one of the most important components that guide and nourish brands.

Conventional research methods are inadequate to provide fast results for brands in the rapidly moving markets and to offer appropriate costs.

For this reason, we at Polenio developed an online community system, where it is possible to receive real consumers’ evaluations on questions and issues, keeping the pulse of the consumer regularly.

To better understand your customers, to communicate with them regularly and to receive feedback while doing, create your own
Idea Base

Our objectives on building online communities

The main purpose of an Online Community is to provide fast and regular consumer feedback on the topics listed below, as a complement to traditional research methods.

Using Polenio CM software we create a community where you can access qualitative consumer insights for brands, and produce and test ideas & concepts

Learn how we do

Brand improvement

Listening for consumer language and emotions

Marketing Improvement

To have an idea about consumer perspective and jargon used
To produce ideas for communication
To test advertising texts
To learn the message transmissions of creative advertising materials of brands

Product Improvement

To be able to identify the unmet needs of the consumer, to gather insight
To develop concepts
Gather qualitative information about use routines
To regularly monitor the performance of new and existing products
Collecting information about product’s general purposes
To understand purchasing trends for new launches

Creating the Idea Base panel structure



Your 2000+ people sample is invited to your panel from various channels including Polenio Audience

Permitted Database

Participants enter your permitted database through a GDPR aggrement


Participants are segmented according to the features you want, as they attend various surveys

Create an Idea Base

For idea testing and creation

Concept and Campaign Testing
Idea Base with generated open ended questions
In the moment insights with extended photos

Build your own Segmentation

Participants can be segmented according to various sets of criteria;

Polenio’s 150+ builtin screeners
Your settings

Setup your rewards system

Setup rewards system;

Gift Points
Your rewards system

Build Interactions

While you are collecting insights, you are also building a new way to interact with customers

Incentive to purchase
Social media sharing
Call to action

Analysis and Insight generation

You can follow the results instantly with graphical and interactive diagrams.

Filtering features
Visual inspection and labeling
Persona creation
Photo and video tagging



Faster than traditional research. 300-person survey completion and analysis start time ~ 30 minutes


Collective interaction with 100s of customers always reaching statistically viable strength


Creation of 1000s of data points. Big data accumulation in a permitted database


Unlimited insight creation. Segmentation and analysis according to your needs


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