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From research to brand agencies, management consultancy firms to top brands. Our products are used by Fortune 500 companies for generating valuable insights

Use Polenio’s easy to use survey builder to build and distribute your surveys. Analyze and export data in real time. Free for all students, academics and freelance researchers

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Polenio Basic

Reach your contacts via e-mail for free

Polenio CX


Collect feedback from customers at every meaningful touchpoint and time; instantly analyze their comments through an easy to use dashboard

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Listen to employees and take action. Improve your employees’ experience by deploying listening posts at every key employee moment, and deliver recommended actions to every people leader in your organisation

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Polenio EN

Make the best of your employee engagement

Polenio Idea Base

BUILD your own COMMUNITIES using POLENIO’S reward tools

Understand your market and your competitors better than ever before.  Build your own longitudinal consumer panel, receive continuous feedback.  Use Polenio Idea Base to make smarter, faster brand decisions that increase customer loyalty, boost sales, and grow your market share

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Reach more than 50K+ segmented consumers using our software, receive and start analysing responses in hours not weeks

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Polenio Audience

Use POLENIO AUDIENCE to reach 30+ thousand PROFILED customers at POLENIO Database

We make it simple to test your ideas with target audiences

Whether you are a market leader or a growing brand, improve your customer experience, increase your revenue. Request a meeting to learn which product fits you best